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A New Life Painting and Decorating takes pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our protective exterior repaint service. No short-cuts are taken, we take time and the effort to ensure that you get the best possible service.  The most important aspect of exterior refinishing is to protect the underlying surfaces from moisture and the elements.  Most importantly is the preparation for the painting of any exterior surface.  Bridging the cracks will avoid moisture penetration which will avoid peeling of the paint.

Step 1:     First of all this process is to power-wash the exterior completely.  Cleaning dirt, dust and grime that has accumulated on all your exterior surfaces over the years.  Also helps in finding any loose materials on your home (i.e., paint, stucco) not readily seen by the naked eye.


Before & After Power Washing

The south and west sides of a house get the most damage from sun & weather.

Shutters are always removed to properly prep the underlying surface and the back of the shutters themselves. The home-owners opted not to replace them.

Step 2:     Masking and covering areas not to be painted.  The most common complaint about painters is that they are "sloppy".  We take the extra time to make sure we keep your plants, concrete and other areas clean.

Step 3:     Scrape, grind and strip loose and peeling paint. If your home shows signs of peeling, the problem is worse than it seems.


This portion of the house gets direct contact with with the sun. As you can see most all of the paint lost its adhesion, the only area that held up was the area protected by the old shutters. Wood siding gets the most damage because it expands and contracts, especially with direct sunlight. The square portions under the windows will be replaces with new ply-wood because it is particle-board and is damaged by moisture. Particle-board should never be used for exteriors.

 Grinding is the only sure way to find and remove all of the failing paint. When the paint is failing it becomes dry and brittle and is more readily removed by grinding. While not all of the paint is failing, grinding is the only way to be certain that all of  the loose paint is removed. The paint is always the loosest, on the siding, next to the ground because siding is not properly primed and painted (ON BOTH SIDES) before installation. So moisture attacks the paint from the back. When we install new siding, it is always primed and painted on both sides before installation.

Step 4:     Patching stucco to match the texture of the stucco around it.  This also includes bridging all cracks in the stucco.  Elastomeric compound is used that stays permanently flexible and can stretch considerably, helping to keep cracks from reappearing for a long period of time. 


Stucco Patch (top) / Elastocomeric Filler (bottom).

Step 5:     Priming the siding, stucco, eves and fascia, making sure the proper type of primer is used for all different surfaces.  All surfaces need extra protection of priming due to the sun damaging effects and for better adhesion.  It is the sun and moisture that cause wood to warp, dry out, crack and get brittle.


Step 6:     Patching and filling wood cracks, termite and dry-rot damaged surfaces .  This includes all the seams between each piece of wood, hairline cracks, and knot holes (siding and fascia); protecting from the weather and giving the siding and fascia a nice solid look. 

BEFORE & AFTER : Patching / Priming / Elastomeric Filling and Painting.

When we are finished, you will not find any cracks (of any size) in all the siding, stucco and fascia. Keeping moisture from penetrating through, to loosen the paint

Step 7:     Paint the house.  This involves spraying overhangs and brushing the fascia.  In painting the stucco we spray and roll the paint simultaneously.  This gives all creases and crevices of the stucco a nice solid look to better protect it from the weather. The wood siding receives two coats of paint, for extra protection. Also everything painted by hand receives two coats. Lastly the trim and doors are painted by hand.

Final step is the clean-up and touch-up!  The area is cleaned and masking is removed; all is inspected for perfection.  Job is left in perfect standing, neat and clean. 

We use nothing but the best; Dunn-Edwards Premium 100% acrylic "Evershield" paints.  Simply the best, giving your home a nice healthy glow. 

Warranty:  We give you a 3-year warranty against cracking, fading and peeling.


THANK YOU, for choosing A New Life Painting and Decorating.




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