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Thursday July 24, 2008

The San Diego

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Home sellers compete, "Repaint or Bust".

Homes for the longest time sold so fast and easily that fixing them up for sale was not essential. Today, if your home is not "prettier"   than other comparable homes, it is less likely to sell.   

By   Bruce "Brushes" McGillicutty  Staff Writer

       Homebuilders know that it is there models that sell their homes. Although the houses sold are plain white and undecorated, many are sold to people who have only seen the model when buying, before their house was even built.

      For years now, many people have been buying homes to fix-up and paint to look like a model home to resell it (Flip-It) for a profit. Unfortunately, in today's market, it is a necessity to make your home stand out from the rest. In order to sell it in a timely manner.

Very Important Things to consider:

The most up to date popular look is to paint the ceiling, the crown moldings, the doors and door trim, and baseboards with the same shade of white. Then paint the walls with a popular accent color (have your painting contractor show you the most asked for colors that are a hit with just  about everyone).

Not everyone likes the low-sheen / satin finish. While some people like the durability of a low-sheen finish, many do not. It reminds them of rentals and apartments that they had where everything was painted glossy. We suggest flat paint in living areas, and semi-gloss on doors, baseboards, kitchen and bathrooms.

Very few people like wall-paper and paneling.  "Only two or three people have asked us if we hang wall paper",  Said   Keith Wildman of  A New Life Painting & Decorating. "The vast majority ask us to get rid of it. We suggest removing all wall-paper, and removing or painting over paneling."

No one likes popcorn ceilings! We suggest removing the popcorn ceiling texture, and retexturing it with an almost smooth skip-trowel texture.



Peeling-paint epidemic hits the United States

Do it yourself homeowners and bargain basement painting contractors  are unknowingly causing this epidemic.


By Keith Wildman

Associated Painter

      Reputable painting contractors are finding that around 90% of the houses that they bid on have some sort of a peeling paint problem. Mostly, but not limited to, the interior doors and walls and other areas where there is a glossy enamel paint.

      The reason for this is that acrylic (water based) enamel when applied to alkyd (oil based) enamel just will not stick. Although oil-based enamel adheres to water-based enamel, the opposite  will   not,  unless   properly   prepped and primed with an appropriate oil-based primer. Even though the primer is oil-based,

 it leaves an absorbent flat finish which will absorb and hold on to the water-based enamel.

       When the do it yourself homeowner decides to paint they usually do not go to a professional paint supplier when buying their paint. They usually go to a home center like Home Depot, and when they ask for a glossy enamel they are not asked whether they need an oil or water based enamel, because non-professional paints like BEHR do not even make an oil-based enamel. So they are sent home not knowing that there is a difference.


        Many painting contractors don't like using oil-based enamels and primers. They are messy, gooey and harder to apply. They need to use paint thinner to clean up with, and they have to keep the used thinner for lawful recycling and


disposal. They are under the impression that a good sanding will make the water-based stick to the oil-based.enamel, if they even care or know how to test the enamel to see which type of enamel it is anyway.

       While it is possible to sand the oil-based enamel enough to apply  the water-based, it doesn't make sense to do so. Because you have to sand the outer layer completely off with an electric sander, causing a dust cloud

 with every door and casing, which could be a problem especially in houses built before 1979 in which the paint was made with LED. Also it takes three times longer using this method than it does to just lightly sand and prime with an oil-based primer.




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